Monday, November 24, 2003

I have just completed a great interview with Karina Miller who is the staffing manager at Impinj. Impinj is a great startup company is Seattle. They have many openings right now for engineers with Mixed Signal design experience as well as Non volatile Memory design experience.

Karina does a great job in promoting why Impinj is a great company to work for and why the people who currently work for Impinj like it. Impinj has continuously been in growth mode and it seems that this is going to continue.

Karina has been a supporter of Semiconductor Jobs since the beginning and I thank her for that. I feel that by doing an Interview like this one is a great way to create awareness about Impinj and to promote the company to those people who may be in a position today to work for them as well as those who may consider them down the road.

The goal is to create an open line of communication between Karina and you!!

Here is the Interview

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