Friday, November 07, 2003

We are working on some very interesting things right now at Semiconductor Jobs. Next week we will start interviewing Senior Staffing Managers and Hiring Managers at Top Semiconductor Companies. These interviews will be published on Semiconductor Jobs.

There have been a number of Semiconductor companies that have also expressed interest in starting their own blogs which would be attached to the Semiconductor Job Blog. This is a great idea because most people have something to say and this is a great way for those in charge of hiring the right people to communicate in a unique way to potential candidates.

Be sure to visit us often due to the nature of this site. It will change almost daily. Semiconductor Jobs is very networked in the industry and as a result, we are aware of many positions in the Semiconductor Industry.

Please contact me if you have any ideas as to how to improve the site as well as any kind of business development ideas.

There is no question that things are happening once again in this industry.

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