Thursday, December 11, 2003

I made mention on Monday that I will be doing an interview with Curt Sellers who is the Staffing Manager at NuCore Technologies. Here is an excerpt from the interview that talks about what kinds of people NuCore is looking for. The rest of the interview will be posted tomorrow.

5. What skills has NuCORE been looking for over the last year and who is NuCORE looking to hire now?

When we were a pure start-up, we needed every kind of skill set to get the
company going. Now that we are past that stage we need to expand our staff
in the various critical areas to expand our product lines. Currently we are
focusing on our MPEG resources, so we have about 6 openings:

1. An MPEG ASIC engineer to design video blocks
2. A verification engineer to make sure things are put together correctly
3. A firmware engineer with an mpeg background to make sure we can drive the various engines properly
4. An ASIC engineer that I would term as a "generalist" who can work on any given number of critical blocks
5. A Procurement Manager to do hands on buying, PC planning and help us implement an ERP system
6. An all in one software marketing person that we haven't quite yet figured out an appropriate title for. We'd like someone capable of doing everything from product planning to tech writing to applications engineering when

NuCORE is ALWAYS looking for people with digital image processing/digital camera experience, particularly analog engineers that have used switched capacitor filter designs. As a fabless semiconductor company, NuCORE's
final product is an A/D converter and digital image processing chips, but to be able to sell these we have to build reference designs for customers. That means hiring embedded software engineers, board designers and QA people.

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