Wednesday, April 07, 2004

1. Centillium Communications, Peregrine Semiconductor and Rudolph Technologies have all posted jobs in the job board section. You can apply through Semiconductor Jobs or directly to the company.

There is a great article written on the Occupational Adventure Blog today called Overcoming fear of making mistakes. Though not directly about the Semiconductor Industry, it is directly about those who work in the Semiconductor Industry and for that matter every other industry. Sometimes the best and only thing to do is staring you right in the face but the fear takes over and before you know it, there are so many good reasons why not to take the job.

Here are some jobs you can contact me about:

1. Senior Director of Operations - Wireless RF Background preferred - Bay Area

2. Low Power DSP Digital Design Lead - DSP, RTL, Low Power techniques - Bay Area

3. Senior RFIC Manager - RFIC, CMOS, LNA Mixer and Filter - Bay Area

4. RF Test Engineer - Bench Testing and Field Type Approval in wireless - Bay Area

5. Analog Front End Design Manager/Director - Exp. on Gigabit Ethernet, ADC, PLL - Bay Area

6. Analog IC Design Engineer - CMOS Analog Circuit Design - Texas

7. Application Engineer - Analog and Mixed Signal Exp. - Texas

8. Logic Design Engineer - 7-10 years exp

9. Field Applications Engineer - Analog Chips - Texas

10. Senior Logic Design - High Speed Networking - Bay Area

11. Senior DV Engineer - High Speed Networking, 5-10 years - Bay Area

12. Senior Analog design Engineer - ADC/PLL/Filters/Drivers - Southern California

13. Senior RFIC design Engineer - 7+ years, SiGe BiCMOS - Texas

14. Senior DSP Implementation Engineer - RTL exp. - Texas

15. Senior Microprocessor Architect - Bay Area

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