Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Here is a testimonial from Curt Sellers who is the Staffing Manager at NuCore Technologies. NuCore Technologies has supported Semiconductor Jobs from the beginning. Thanks Curt for the support and kind words.

"We hired an MPEG ASIC engineer. And not just any mpeg ASIC engineer -
principal level, and he's become our mpeg expert of sorts. So if the site
was going to refer anyone, that was the one we wanted"


Impinj has promoted a number of people within their company:

Larry Morrell was promoted from Marketing Director of IP Products to Vice President of IP Products.

Evan Fein was promoted from Director of Finance and Administration to Vice President of Finance and Administration

You can visit the Impinj blog to read about the other promotions as well.

Nucore has 19 positions open worldwide but the priorities for the US are:

MPEG software engineer
MPEG hardware Engineer
Software Product Manager
Software Applications Engineer

Please apply directly to Nucore

I know about 2 new positions in the Bay Area. The company is a startup that is doing great. Please contact me for more information.

1. Sr RF Layout Engineer: 8+ years experience on RF/Analog layout, preferrably in the wireless industry. Familiar with Cadence tools.

2. Sr CAD Engineer: 8-10 years experience with MSEE/PhD in Computer Science or EE. With experience to build design flow from scratch. Cadence tools experience.

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