Thursday, May 27, 2004

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International Rectifier


NuCore Technologies

Allegro Microsystems



Lattice Semiconductor

Here are some other companies that are currently using Semiconductor Jobs in order to promote their openings:

Xilinx, GSI Lumonics, STMicro, SemiSouth Laboratories, and WaferTech,

Please make sure that you check the Impinj Blog often.

Semiconductor Jobs has a semiconductor company directory that can be found here. It currently has a few hundred companies in it. Each company has the url and job url. If you work at a company that is not listed, please add your company. The cost is nothing. The visibility is great

If you are interested in finding out what other positions we are aware of, please send a copy of your resume to me or feel free to call and discuss. My number is 416.782.2386 ext.205

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