Friday, June 18, 2004

Great New Startup in Orange County

Semiconductor Jobs is working with a startup company in Orange County California and they are looking for the following:

1. Sr. RFIC Design Engineer: MSEE or PhD with over 5 years experience in RF IC Design and System Architecture. Experience on LNA, Mixers, VGA, filters and synthesizers, etc. Understand cellular or WLAN standards. Knowledge on SiGe, BiCMOS or CMOS processes.

2. Sr. Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer: MSEE or PhD with over 5 years experience in ADC/DAC, VGA, active filters, VCO, etc. Understand cellular or WLAN standards. Knowledge on SiGe, BiCMOS or CMOS processes.

Please contact me if you would like to get some additional information. Please note that I will only provide detailed information to those individuals who have the skills to be considered for the job. The company has requested that I not discuss the details with non qualified individuals.
I have had the pleasure of working with Dale Simmons who is a technical recruiter in the semiconductor industry. He is currently in Austin. His contract is up and he is looking for a new position as a technical recuiter. He is available to relocate as well.
Here is his contact info: 512-635-2690 Please feel free to contact him directly.

There is another company called Solar Flare Communications which is located in Orange County as well. Here is the link to their employment site. I work with a recruiter named Todd Doering who is recruiting for some of their positions. If you would like information prior to submitting a resume to them, please contact Todd directly.
This is from the newsletter yesterday:

1. Qualcomm is very aggressively pursuing engineers in their new Austin facility.

2. I heard that AMCC is hiring in Austin as well.

3. Infineon has many openings in their Richmond Virginia location with lots more coming

4. International Rectifier has positions open and if I might add, they are very happy with the results so far of being a Featured Client on Semiconductor Jobs.

5. ATI has many positions in Toronto and California

6. Xilinx has a number of circuit design positions in Austin and many openings in california.

7. Micron would love to hire engineers in their Boise location.

8. SemiSouth Labratories has a number of openings located in Starkville MS
I work very closely with a recruiter named Mark Vinderine who has been responsible for placing over 37 analog and mixed signal design engineers in the last 12 months. He is aggressive and very knowledgeable within the Industry. He has clients in most major cities in the United States for talented intermediate to very senior level engineers. You should contact him if you are serious about building a meaningful relationship with a first class recruiter.
I came across a great resource called FPGA Journal If you are involved in this market, it is a great daily resource.
Through my network of contacts within the recruiting world, I am aware of a few product and product test engineers, many digital circuit design positions, some very senior Microprocessor Architect positions, lots of analog and mixed signal design positions, applications engineering openings and a few CAD positions.
I have spoken about Blogs before and I need to mention it again. Blogs are a great way to:

1. Differentiate yourself from your competition
2. Take a non corporate approach to staffing
3. Layout a feel for what your company is like to work for
4. Build a loyal Audience
5. Let your potential candidate pool know you are serious about recruiting by constantly writing about your recruitment needs.

If you are responsible for hiring, you should really give some thought to this. I am happy to help if you would like some.

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