Wednesday, June 30, 2004

New Positions

There are a number of positions I am going to be posting today but first I want you to visit the Impinj Blog. There is new information and a few pictures you should see. Karina Miller has done a great job in bringing the Impinj Blog to life and I cannot tell you how many people now know about Karina and her team at Impinj because of her efforts.

It has been a busy week and there seems to be no sign of a slowdown anytime soon. I have spoken to quite a few recruiters in the last few days and I am amazed at how many companies are looking to hire Analog and Mixed Signal design engineers. Companies all over the United States are busy trying to find these engineers and woo them away from their current companies.

There is one suggestion I have for these companies and more importantly, the hiring managers at these companies who are tasked with finding and ultimately hiring these engineers. You need to be much more aggressive. More on that later.

Here are some positions:

1. IC Design Manager - Silicon Valley - Startup in the display market:

· Staffing, motivating, and leading a highly talented engineering team
· Working with product marketing team to determine product requirements
· Architectural ownership of this company's HDTV microdisplay product line
· Writing clear, unambiguous product and IC specifications
· Project schedule tracking
· Management of custom circuit design, digital IC design, and system verification teams
· Direct responsibility for RTL coding, simulation, and synthesis
· Contract negotiation with component, test equipment, foundry, and CAD tool vendors
· Working with patent counsel to create a strong IP portfolio
· Making frequent presentations to upper management, customers, and investors

2. Multiple classical Analog Design Engineers for a small company in Arizona.

3. Digital IC Architect/Systems for a startup company in Arizona. This person will also manage a small team of digital designers.

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, Please contact me

More to come shortly...

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