Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Analog Design Manager and Executive Director

I was just speaking to a recruiter I work with who let me know he has a very good client who is looking for an Analog Design Manager in  Silicon Valley. Someone who has managed a team in the past with no less than 10 years of exp.
Also, he needs an Executive Director of Engineering for a great client of his that is located in the Pacific North West. Experience in Opto Electronics or Fiber IC's.
This same client is also looking for Senior Analog IC designers in the Bay Area.
If you would like to speak with this recruiter, please contact me

Xilinx has a new position they are looking to fill. The position is for a Senior Staff Mask Technology Engineer


Curt Rosengren who maintains a great blog called The Occupational Adventure has a great post about achieving your goals


Visit the Impinj Blog.  Karina Miller who is the Manager of staffing at Impinj has done a great job in creating and maintaining the blog.  She has listed all of the press surrounding their most recent funding of $22 million.

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