Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Austin Positions

RF Engineer
Responsible for design requirements, printed circuit board layouts, circuit simulation, component specifications, prototype assembly, and verification testing; work closely with the RF device team; work closely with customers during initial evaluation.

Senior RF IC Designer
Design RF / mixed-signal circuits at the transistor level; Perform circuit-level simulations and layout as well as supervise IC layout; participate in design reviews, perform bench-level validation of silicon and assist in development of test solutions

RF / MMIC Circuit Designer
Evaluate, select and characterize, as needed, the process (such as GaN, GaAs or LDMOS) to use in fabricating the devices; use linear and nonlinear device models, complete DC / RF analysis, and thermal characterization to optimize circuit design

Bandpass Delta Sigma Modulator Architect
Design circuits of high speed continuous time Bandpass Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter; Cells will include comparators, amplifiers, integrators, gm/C Filters, VCOs, and high speed clocking functions; use SiGe, CMOS or GaAs processes.

Senior CAD Engineer
Work closely with design and design support groups; responsible for leading the development, rollout and support of the design methodologies. Need: Cadence Analog Artist, Spectre, Virtuoso, Virtuoso-xl, Assura, P-cells, Mentor Calibre, Calibre-xrc

Digital Design Engineers (2)
Manager and Junior Positions - must have DSP knowledge, digital filters, Verilog and must have a mixed-signal background

DSP Design/System Designer/Signal Processing
Must be able to deal at chip level; high system level or wireless IC’s; write Verilog code to implement; specify a FIR filter

If you are interested in learning more about these posiitons, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate recruiter

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