Tuesday, August 03, 2004


This is from Karina Miller who is the Staffing Manager at Impinj.

Our two highest priorities are:

1. NVM Design Manager, IP Products: We're looking for a hands-on lead or manager who has expertise in NVM design and a decent grasp of analog issues as they relate to NVM. This position is located in Seattle.

2. Sr. RF/Wireless Applications Engineer, RFID: We need to hire four Applications Engineers in the next 6 months! Our biggest issue, other than just finding good strong technical apps engineers who are willing to relocate to Seattle, is finding candidates who are strong on the RF and wireless technology side.

There are many more available at Impinj. You can view them all by visiting their website

Impinj put out a press release yesterday listing 5 companies that are now licensing their AEON™ Memory.

The companies are as follows:

- Dragonchip Limited (System chip and microcontroller provider)
- Primarion (Mixed-signal semiconductor company)
- SpatiaLight, Inc. (Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) microdisplay manufacturer)
- Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Electronics and consumer products manufacturer)
- Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden (ZMD) (Sensor and wireless applications chip provider)

You can view the complete press release here.

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