Friday, September 24, 2004

Some Questions

Here are a number of questions I would like to get some opinions on. You can comment on these questions at the bottom of the post by clicking comments. If you want to email me your comments, you can do so. Here is my email address.

1. What is main reason you return a call to a recruiter (either corporate recruiter or third party recruiter) if you are not actively looking for a job ?

2. How many calls from a recruiter per month do you get?

3. Do you think that your current company places a high enough premium on hiring the best candidates in the most aggressive way in the shortest amount of time? I am sure this one will be answered anonymously but I would love to at least get the name of the company you are referring to.

4. If you have accepted a counter offer in the past, do you now feel it was worth it?

5. Would you currently invest your own dollars into the startup company you are currently working for if your management asked?


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