Thursday, December 16, 2004

Startup Bliss

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There is a great manager of staffing who's name is Karina Miller. She works at a startup company in Seattle called Impinj. Impinj does some very interesting things in the field of RFID. Karina also started a recruiting blog for Impinj.

Karina was the first staffing manager to begin working with me when I started Semiconductor Jobs and she has always been very supportive. She wrote a great piece about why she loves startup companies. The article is called Startup Bliss and and I have posted it in full on

If there are any recruiters out there at startup companies who see this, I would love to get your feeling on the types of qualities you look for in candidates that may be different than if you were hiring into a public company.

I am working with a recruiter who needs a number of Digital ASIC Design Engineers who have exp. in MCU preferably in a mixed signal environment. 4 years exp is necessary. This position is located in Texas.

Also, this same recruiter needs a Digital ASIC design engineer who has modem design exp. Exp required is RTL and DSP. 8 years plus exp. This position is located in the Bay Area

If you are interested, please send me an email and I will have the recruiter call you.


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