Friday, February 18, 2005

Jobs in The Semiconductor Industry

Here are some of the positions in the Semiconductor Industry I am involved with.

  1. I am looking for Analog Design Engineers in Texas, California, Seattle
  2. Director of High Speed Analog IC design at speeds greater than 5ghz. Experience in the following blocks pll, vco, tia, or limiting amps. Located in San Diego
  3. Senior RFIC design engineers. Exp. In Sige or CMOS in Texas and Southern California as well as Silicon Valley
  4. Analog IC Test engineers in Colorado
  5. VP or Director of operations in Silicon Valley with Fabless Semiconductor background with a background in RF or Analog
  6. Hands on Design Manager with experience in datacom, analog IC background in Texas.
  7. Applications and Field applications with broadband or networking background in Silicon valley or Florida
  8. VP of engineering for Southern Ca. with RF or mixed signal background
  9. Software Architect with block storage virtualization exp. 10 years minimum. Located in Silicon Valley
  10. Hardware Applications Engineer with datacom, T1, E1 exp. 5 years min. Located in Silicon valley
  11. Mixed Signal high speed, cmos, wireless, intermediate level. Location is Southern CA
  12. Senior high speed ASIC Design Engineer – sonet telecom standards, LCAS/VCAT location is Silicon Valley
  13. Design Verification Engineer with 7-10 years located in Silicon Valley
  14. CAD Engineer – 10 years plus exp. Expert in perl,c/c++ and TCL/TK - Located in Silicon Valley

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate recruiters. So far, the recruiting arm of has successfully helped over 10 candidates find new employment in the semiconductor industry. This does not include the hires made by our featured clients. All 10 were as the industry calls them passive candidates. All you need to do is let me know what your skills are and your interests. Blog recruiting is a great thing.

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