Monday, August 27, 2007

Ruth Glover -

Ruth Glover founded Career Consultations in 1984 in Dallas with a focus on career development. She has served the semiconductor industry since 1995, working for Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments, Dallas Semi (Maxim), and Alcatel, as well as various start ups. Her method for success involves long term relationships, resulting in repeat business. She prefers to “partner” with her client, yet maintain allegiance for the applicant and his or her specific objectives and concerns. Typical career opportunities include: process, design, hardware, software, systems, product and applications engineering. Occasionally Career Consultations has executive, sales, marketing or other support role openings.

Ruth has worked with all levels of personnel, from customer service to CFOs. About 80% of her recruiting efforts involve engineering positions in the semiconductor industry. Be sure to visit the website at or contact her at

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