Thursday, August 09, 2007

Semiconductor Industry Recruiters

If you are a recruiter and work with any of the following types of candidates doing the following type of development, let me know. I would like to build out a list of recruiters on

LNA, Mixer, VCO, PA, , AGC, Bandgap, PLL, DLL, DC-DC, PWM, LDO, Charge Pumps, Buck Converters, Hot swap, data acquisition, Data Converter, Boost Converters, Switching Regulator, ADC, DAC, Opamps, references, votlage regualtors, sythesizers, comparators, TIA, Amplifers, CDR, laptop, desktop, pda, thermal management, power management, motor control ICs, Offline, PFC, SAR, Pipeline, Algorithimic, CMOS, BICMOS, BiPolar, SiGe, MMIC, RFIC, Mixed Signal, Disk Drive, analog

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