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Research Scientist to Senior Fellow

Job Title
Research Scientist to Senior Fellow (depending on expertise)
St. Peters, MO (suburb of St. Louis)
Public Company
Job Description

MEMC Electronic Materials specializes in the production of semiconductor silicon wafers that form the substrates of a majority of microelectronic devices. In the immediate future, MEMC also intends to develop expertise in solar silicon wafer manufacturing. Silicon based solar panels show significant promise as one of the sources that can meet the emerging alternative energy needs of the modern world. Silicon polycrystals, termed solar ingots, produced by the Directional Solidification of silicon from silicon melt (melt casting) are a typical source of solar silicon wafers used in the manufacture of solar panels. Solar silicon wafer processing involves various operations such as the production of silicon multi-crystals and mono-crystals by the Directional Solidification or the Czochralski process, the mechanical slicing of silicon crystals into wafers, wafer surface grinding, chemical etching, and cleaning. Effective research and development in the wafer manufacturing industry requires understanding of various fields of science and engineering.

Solar R&D, a newly formed group within MEMC's R&D, specializes in conducting cross-functional research across various fields of applied science and engineering relevant for solar wafer production. It intends to hire a motivated expert in crystal growth and general solidification. The candidate is expected to be able to analyze physical systems involving phase change, complex hydrodynamics, heat transport, mass transport, and chemical reactions. A strong background in analysis of physical systems along with the capability develop processes based on smart heuristics is required. The candidate's expertise in process development must be based on a clear understanding of secular and cross-functional idea of science and engineering. This is because the candidate is expected to eventually evolve as an expert in various specialties of chemical engineering, ma terials science, mechanical engineering, and solid-state physics.

For the first two years, the goals of the job for the candidate are clearly defined. The successful candidate is required to develop a Directional Solidification process for the manufacture of solar silicon wafers in a high-volume manufacturing environment. After that, the researcher has considerable freedom in defining their own goals towards improving solar cell efficiency, process improvements, etc. The job offers challenging opportunities for the candidate to develop as a process researcher and developer. A good understanding of crystal characterization techniques, the physics of silicon wafer production, and the influence of silicon material properties on the solar cell efficiency are desired in the candidate. The candidate is expected to propose, test, and implement process changes that yield silicon crystals with desired characteristics. Some prior experience with Directional Solidific ation (DSS) process, melt casting, and furnace design is desired but not absolutely necessary in a candidate. The capability to analyze cause and effect relationships in complex physical systems, based on sound knowledge of dynamics of the physical systems and the observed data, however, is absolutely necessary. The candidate's intellectual capability and adaptability to the job are far more important than the candidate's direct experience in Directional Solidification.

Solar R&D will provide significant guidance but the candidate must also be able to independently learn and teach. The candidate will also interact very closely with other key R&D groups, such as Crystal growth R&D and Quantitative Silicon R&D, who will provide significant experimental and quantitative guidance for the process development. The candidate is expected to translate his/her knowledge and analysis of the dynamics of Directional Solidification into industrial applications in a shor t period of time.

Since the job is intellectually demanding, candidates with doctorates in science or engineering are encouraged to apply. Competent candidates who posses the described expertise can also apply independent of their degrees. Anybody with or without industrial experience can apply. Capability for rational analysis of physical systems and process development, independent of the source of its derivation, experimental research or quantitative research, is desired in the candidate. The job position, title, and compensation will depend on the candidate's expertise and potential to generate value for MEMC. Depending on the expertise of the candidate, the job title can vary from Research Scientist, an entry-level position for a candidate with a doctorate, to Senior Fellow, the highest technical position.

Candidates are requested to send their resumes to Darren Eden at deden@memc.com. The contact details are listed below:

Darren R . Eden
Corporate Recruiter
MEMC Electronic Materials
501 Pearl Drive
St. Peters, MO 63376
Tel: 636 474 5814 (O);
FAX: 636 474 4377
Email: deden@memc.com
Web: www.memc.com

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MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.
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