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Graphics, Hardware Validation, Design Engineering at Intel Corporation

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Graphics, Hardware Validation, Design Engineering at Intel Corporation
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This is a small sampling of some of the available opportunities at Intel Corporation. For a full listing of all available jobs, please visit our website at www.intel.com/jobs

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Graphics Architect:
In this position, you will be ensuring platform and its components to have the best performance and power balance specifically focusing on graphics hardware components. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
- Researching and developing of next generation platform designs to continually improve the performance
- Conducting system analysis on proprietary and competition platforms, developing advanced hardware tuning and over clocking
- Defining the graphics and media roadmap requirements for the future generations of the digital home Intel� a rchitecture consumer PC clients such as entertainment PCs, lifestyle PCs and other innovative PCs that are targeted at consumers
- Investigating specific issues related to achieving superior video quality and competitive gaming performance for PCs including emerging workloads and usage
- Working with architecture team, cross-functional teams, chipset teams, processor teams, planning, and engineering extended teams to drive changes in direction to ensure platforms, processors and chipsets meet consumer PC requirements for features, functionality, cost, power, and performance

Silicon Design Validation:
Job Description: Component Design Engineers are responsible for the design and development of electronic components. Responsibilities may include: the design of chip layout circuit design, circuit checking, device evaluation and characterization, documentation of specifications, prototype construction and checkout, modification and evaluation o f semiconductor devices and components, performing developmental and/or test work, reviewing product requirements and logic diagrams, planning and organizing design projects or phases of design projects. Responds to customer and/or client requests or events as they occur. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgment.

Digital Design Engineer - Wireless
In this position, your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
- Delivering the next generation of 802.11 wireless Ethernet chips and IP
- Responsible for system definition, micro architecture, RTL (VHDL and/or Verilog*), and synthesis
- Responsible for static timing analysis, and post-silicon verification
- Promoting Intel's consumer PC graphics agenda in architectural forums, planning meetings, and others

Key Words
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Intel Corporation
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6 May 2008
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