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Senior Field Applications Engineer

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Senior Field Applications Engineer
San Jose, CA & Raleigh, NC
Public Company
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Job Summary:
Under minimum supervision, support the sales of electronic components which require professional engineering knowledge sufficient to make recommendations involving fundamental engineering principles and to persuade potential buyers of the practical value of our products. Prepares moderately complex financial and operational estimates with the factory from blueprints, plans, or other records submitted by potential customers, and reports customer practices regarding utilization of company products.
Job Responsibilities:
·Respond to technical inquiries from customers
·Develop technical documents to assist customers with interfacing to our components products
·Troubleshoot technical problems over the phone and at the customers' facilities
·Assist in training sales people and manufacturer's reps, as directed.
·Attends and staffs trade shows and seminars
·Monitor product trends and mak es recommendations for future products.
·Services product demo equipment
·Gathers and evaluates competitive information.
·Interfaces on a technical level with our factory engineers.
·Publish applications notes and/or technical articles.
·Capable of training fellow FAEs and Marketing staff in area of expertise.
·Establishes an effective line of communication with manufacturers of products complementary to the component line, i.e., LCD controllers, digitizers, backlights, inverters, software, etc.
·Publishes magazine articles, technical papers or other published material.
·Has successfully designed and built specialized equipment such as demo equipment or other tools for use in the field.
·Has shown ability to master the authoring or modification of software as it related to products or equipment.
·Has demonstrated the ability to take a leadership role in coordinating any trade shows that he is responsible for.
·Has mastered the systems sale approach, by regularly designing in components across all product lines.

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Applications Engineer
Electronic Components
LCD Controllers
customer facing
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Fortune Business Solutions, LLC
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