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Firmware Design Engineer

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Firmware Design Engineer
Austin, Texas
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Come join our talented and seasoned team members with an average experience of around 20 years. Ours is a highly profitable business unit located in a quiet, small office work environment in beautiful Austin, Texas where you can concentrate on being creative.

In this role, your responsibilities will include:
·Analyze and breakdown complex assignment into smaller, measurable tasks
·Interface with customers on custom spins
·Develop catalog and custom firmware for various gas gauge and other embedded devices
·Develop ROM code the various battery monitoring controllers
·Develop Windows applications for customer evaluation, production line calibration
·Participate in project and resource planning
·Support occasional customer visits and training sessions
·Collaborate with distributor and contractor engineers to deliver outsourced products

The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of embedded systems development experience and the ability to read schematics or experience working on analog or power circuit design projects. Working knowledge of 8, 16 or 32 bit microcontroller architecture is required.

We're searching for an expert C/C++ programmer with strong understanding of code generation and general understanding of assembly language. This engineer must have worked with small RTOS or micro-kernel in a multithreaded programming environment.

The ability to estimate effort on-time, along with experience working with version control and defect tracking in firmware quality processes are needed. This engineer must be able to analyze and breakdown complex assignment into smaller, measurable tasks, collaborate effectively with other engineers and develop mutual respect.

Degree Requirements:Bachelor's degree in EE/CE/CS

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Design Engineer
microcontroller architecture
eMbedded Devices
C/C++ programming
Battery Monitoring Controllers
multithreaded programming
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Fortune Business Solutions, LLC
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