Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Jobs in the Semiconductor Industry

 I run the SemiconductorJobs group on Linkedin and today I saw a post from one of the members listing some openings he has in the Semiconductor industry. I have listed them below and if you are interested in applying for these jobs, please apply directly to him through the website at the bottom of the job descriptions.

Encore Semi Design Services has an immediate need to hire the following Engineers. Please feel free to apply directly or tell your friends/network about these positions - thank you in advance!

** US Citizen or US Permanent Resident (green card holder) or TN Visa (for citizens of Canada and Mexico only) or H1B transfer (sorry we are not sponsoring new H1B visas at this time) **

1. Senior Physical Design Engineer - Top-level Implementation (full-time | San Diego, CA)
2. Senior Physical Design Engineer - Hardmacro Implementation (full-time | San Diego, CA)
3. Senior Physical Design Engineer - IBM tools and processes (full-time or contract | Fishkill NY, Burlington VT, Raleigh NC, Rochester MN, Austin TX, San Jose CA)
4. Senior DFT Engineer - TetraMAX, Encounter Test, FastScan (full-time | San Diego, CA)

5. Functional Design Verification Engineer (full-time | San Diego, CA)
6. Senior Design Verification Engineer - SystemVerilog, OVM/VMM (full-time | San Diego, CA)
7. Senior Design Verification Engineer - Multimedia (full-time | San Diego, CA)
8. Senior Design Verification Engineer - Verify Mixed-Signal Circuits (full-time | San Diego, CA)

9. Senior Test/Automation Engineer (full-time | San Diego, CA)
10. Senior Logic Design Engineer (full-time | San Diego, CA)
11. Senior FPGA/ Logic Design Engineer (full-time | San Diego, CA)
12. Hardware Engineer - CCA design, bring-up (full-time | San Diego, CA)

13. Emulation Validation Engineer (full-time | San Diego, CA)
14. Senior Noise and Signal Integrity Engineer (full-time or contract | Fishkill NY, Burlington VT, Raleigh NC, Rochester MN, Austin TX, San Jose CA)

For complete job descriptions, please visit us at