Monday, December 19, 2011

Recruiting can be a thankless job sometimes

Being a recruiter can be a thankless job. It can and usually is very transactional. We get called when we are needed and after we deliver, it can be the end of the line. Sometimes though you can find things or hear things that make you feel that you did good. Here is a quick example. Back in the mid 90's I recruited a software engineer who was working on Toronto for a client of mine in California. I rarely ever met the candidates I was working with because they were in the US and I am in Toronto. In this case though we met at a coffee shop so we could say hello to each other. I placed him with my client and we had a few conversations after that but that was it. Last week, I thought I would call him and say hello. I tracked him down and gave him a call. He answered and I said hi, It's Jason Davis, do you remember me? Of course he said no and I proceeded to remind him of who I was was. He said Oh Wow, you changed my life. I said for the better? He said yes! He is now a manager at a different company and he loves California and has done very well. It's the little things.

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