Semiconductor Investments and Industry Updates

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  • Published on June 25

Learn how Efabless empowers companies to design innovative chips, the rise of a startup challenging Nvidia, major AI and semiconductor collaborations by Korean conglomerates, Texas Instruments' efforts to promote women in engineering, and significant FedDev investments in Ottawa-based companies.

Efabless Broadens Access to Chip Design

Efabless Corporation's chipIgnite platform has enabled 40 new companies to design chips, fostering innovation across various industries. The platform democratizes chip design, making it affordable and accessible. Efabless has facilitated over 1,400 designs to date, driving the creation of new vertical solutions.

Source: GlobeNewswire

New AI Chip Startup Challenges Nvidia

Etched, a startup founded by college dropouts, has raised $120 million led by Primary Venture Partners to develop Sohu, an AI chip challenging Nvidia. Etched aims to specialize in transformers, potentially reducing costs for companies. They are hiring and preparing for market entry.

Source: NBC New York

Korean Conglomerates Explore US AI and Semiconductor Opportunities

Top Korean conglomerates Samsung, SK, and LG are actively pursuing AI opportunities in the U.S. SK Group's Chairman Choi Tae-won and LG Group's Chairman Koo Kwang-mo are exploring AI and semiconductor collaborations, focusing on global partnerships and future growth.

Source: El Blog

Texas Instruments Promotes Women in Engineering

Texas Instruments is hosting the Women in Semiconductors and Hardware (WiSH) program in India to mentor female engineering students, aiming to increase the number of women in core engineering careers. The month-long program offers hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities. TI encourages second-year students to apply.

Source: TimesTech

FedDev Invests in Ottawa's Tech and Biotech Sectors

Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Tassi announced nearly $20 million in FedDev investments for Ottawa-based companies, including Virica Biotech, Genvira Biosciences, Capital BioVentures, Ranovus, Armstrong Monitoring, Larus Technologies, ThinkRF, TryCycle Data Systems, and TutorOcean. Some companies are hiring.

Source: BetaKit